Published: 2020-10-14 13:00 | Updated: 2020-10-14 13:04

Green light and establishment of doctoral positions

The Green light process for doctoral supervisors has been reviewed, with minor adjustments being made to rules and routines.

The changes are small, but since it was also decided that the routines should be the same at all Departments, it can be perceived by some as a more major change.

The changes are:

  • Financial resources are no longer included in the Green light assessment. Instead, a financial plan must be included in the application for the establishment of a doctoral position.
  • The possibility to approve a "Green light with condition" has been withdrawn. The application can now only be approved or rejected.

The purpose of the changes is, among other things, to make it clearer what Green light means (an assessment of suitability as a supervisor) and to have a more coherent routine throughout KI.

The forms have been adjusted and since 10 October, new versions of the relevant forms are available at the doctoral webpage forms and documents for doctoral education. Anyone who has already started an application can complete the process with the current form.

Clarification regarding the importance of Green light and establishing of a doctoral student position

The so-called “Green light” was introduced at KI in 2017, but already in 2018, KI needed to adjust its entire admission process and a new step to the admission process was introduced: "establishment of a doctoral student place". This has entailed some confusion and a clarification is therefore in order.

The following applies to Green light and establishment of a doctoral student position:

Green light: 

  • The Green light only concerns the principal supervisor's suitability as a supervisor and is one aspect of many that is considered in establishing a doctoral student position. Having received a Green light does not mean that you automatically have the permission to recruit a doctoral student, because it is required that a doctoral student position is first established.

Establishment of a doctoral student position: 

  • When applying for establishment of a doctoral student position, the Green light application is one of several documents reviewed in order to ensure that there are conditions for a high-quality doctoral education. Other aspects reviewed include the funding, the scientific project and the doctoral education environment. The applicant then only receives one message regarding whether the doctoral student position has been established or not. A possible refusal, which must always be justified and explained, may be due to that the Green light could not be approved or that any of the other criteria were not met.

The reason why a Green light has its own form is that it must be possible to assess the supervisor's suitability separately from the establishment of a doctoral student position, e.g. before a KID application or when a new principal supervisor is appointed. 

Note that even if a supervisor has been granted a Green light and received KID funding, a doctoral student position is not automatically established, as the Department must still make this decision.