Published: 02-10-2023 09:50 | Updated: 02-10-2023 09:50

Granted grants SOF (KI/SLL steering group for odontological research) 2024 - 2026

Hands in gloves, sorting small bottles in the lab.
Photo: Storyboard Film & Television AB

After scientific review by external reviewers and decisions by the steering group for odontological research, the following persons and projects have been awarded SOF funding for 2024-2026:

Anders Gustafsson: ”Early detection of oral cancer”

Carina Kruger Weiner: ”AI, biomarkers, and precision medicine for prevention, diagnostics, and treatment of oral cancer”

Bodil Lund: ”Deep neck infections and dental procedures”

Angelika Silbereisen: ”Single-cell proteome and microbiome profiling of the oral mucosa in infectious and non-infectious diseases of oral soft tissues”

Rachel Sugars: ”Clinical and diagnostic personalized management of patients with oral complications post-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation”

The SOF grant is 500 000 SEK/year for three years (2024 - 2026).