Published: 2020-04-24 16:04 | Updated: 2020-04-24 16:04

Government appoints new chairman and members of KI’s university board

The government has approved the appointment of board chairs and other external board members of the KI University Board (konsistoriet). The mandate period is from 1 May, 2020 to 30 April, 2023.

The new board is to be in place by 1 May. Apart from the government-appointed members, the board consists of the vice-chancellor, pro-vice-chancellor and the university director along with three faculty representatives (appointed internally), three student representatives (appointed by the students’ unions) and two staff representatives.

Former board member and Associate Professor Göran Stiernstedt has been appointed chairman of KI’s university board. KI’s new board members are:

  • Professor Sophia Hober
  • Director General Carin Jämtin
  • Head of Research Ingemar Petersson

The renewed appointments of current board members:

  • Former Vice-Chancellor Lisa Sennerby Forsse
  • Regional Police Chief Carin Götblad
  • Former Managing Director Jonas Milton
  • Professor Björn Stensaker

Members to leave the board:

  • Chairman, Director General Mikael Odenberg
  • CEO Sofia Heidenberg
  • former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Marianne Lundius