Published: 14-12-2023 15:40 | Updated: 14-12-2023 15:42

"Get to know each other-day" and AW kicked off the integration project

Big room with a lot of people mingling.
After Work for MedH and BioNut employees at Södra Teatern.

The project of integrating BioNut into MedH is ongoing, and an important part of it is to give the employees of the two departments the opportunity to get to know each other. So far, a "get to know each other day" for the administrative staff and an AW has been arranged. Two successful and much appreciated activities.

On 30 November, the administrative staff of MedH and BioNut came together at Balingsholm, to get to know each other and discuss the integration. Through group work, both challenges and opportunities for the administrative staff were identified. The fact that both departments have their own processes and ways of working might be challenging. On the other hand, this is a good opportunity to evaluate, learn from each other, and find new, effective ways of working. The administrative staff also identified some factors for success. 

- It was a very nice initiative to organize a full day conference at Balingsholm for the administration both at BioNut and MedH. The atmosphere was good, and it was interesting to meet our future colleagues. When the groups presented their work, it was clear that a lot of us had the same ideas, says Monica Ahlberg, Officer Doctoral Education at BioNut. 

Good opportunity to come together

In the afternoon, Sandra Helminen who is a Leadership specialist at KI, led a session on participating and leading in change, which was much appreciated. The day made for a great opportunity for the administrative staff to come together in the work that lies ahead. 

- The goal was for the administrative staff to get to know each other and find a common starting point for this process. I believe we achieved that, and I appreciate the positive and constructive approach of the staff. Of course, the integration will come with some challenges, but I feel that we are well positioned to manage them together, says Klas Karlsson, Head of administration at MedH.

AW at Södra Teatern

On 1 December, all employees and affiliated researchers of MedH and BioNut were invited to Södra Teatern for an AW. The turnout was good, and the participants enjoyed food and drinks while meeting old friends and new colleagues.

- We were happy to see so many of our colleagues joining us for the first MedH/BioNut AW! We thought it was important to create an opportunity for everyone to meet in a less formal setting, complementing conferences and retreats, says Janne Johansson, Head of Department at BioNut.

Starting with these two activities, the staff of the two departments are already building bridges and laying the ground for a successful integration of BioNut into MedH. The integration process has come off to a good start. 

The next integration event is a retreat for the group leaders and team leaders of MedH and BioNut, on 1-2 February 2024.