Published: 04-02-2015 15:48 | Updated: 04-02-2015 15:51

Gender, Health and Rights Mini Academy

Gender Health and Rights seminars

The KI’s Centre for Gender Medicine and Centre for Global Health presents the interdisciplinary "Gender, Health and Rights" seminar series, based on the Stanford MOOC International Women's Health and Human Rights.

"Gender, Health and Rights" seminar series is based on and will accompany the Stanford MOOC "International Women's Health and Human Rights". The series has an interdisciplinary focus and aims to give you an introduction to how gender, rights and health are connected and affect one another.

It provides an overview of particularly women's health and human rights, beginning in infancy and childhood, then moving through adolescence, reproductive years and aging. We considers economic, social, political and human rights factors, and the challenges women face in maintaining health and managing their lives in the face of societal pressures and obstacles.

Each week we will meet at KI to further discuss in order to deepen the understanding of these issues, watch additional films and listen to guest speakers who will present cases and research particular to Karolinska and Sweden. Each person that fulfills the requirements you get a statement of accomplishment from Stanford University and a diploma from the KI Centre for Gender Medicine.

The mini academy starts on Thursday the 5th of February on Room 200, Retzius Väg 13A, in KI Campus Solna. If you are interested in participating please register!