Published: 15-11-2019 13:03 | Updated: 27-11-2019 15:07

Fyfa: update of shared folders G:

On November 21, the IT Office will move the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology's shared folders (G:) to a new server. All existing documents on G: are moved with and the folder structure remains the same. Computers connected to the lab network will not be able to access G:.

Update 27 november 2019: There have been a few issues for Windows computers after the upgrade of Fyfa’s shared folder G:. These issues should be solved now. You need to restart your computer for it to connect to the new server.

If you still experience issues after having restarted your computer, please contact

On November 21, between 7 pm and 10 pm the server will not be available. How the change affects you depends on which network you’re connected to:

  • Wired network, KI-Staff from a migrated computer (managed by the IT Office) and VPN
  1. PC: Restart your computer November 22. You will be able to access the new server with the folders on G: automatically.
  2. Mac: Restart your computer and mount network as before.
  • Computers connected to the lab network

Save files to L:. All users have a personal L: but you can also order a folder on L: that can be used by the whole group or several instruments. If you have a personal computer that is not migrated, you can contact to book one of our technicians for the migration.

Ordering a folder on L:

To order a folder at L:, email the following information to

  • The name the folder should have
  • Person who owns the folder, first and last name and KI ID (approves who should have access to the folder in the future)
  • Which users should have access to the folder, first and last names and KI ID

The purpose of the change is to secure research data. It has already been made for the other departments in Biomedicum.