Published: 14-12-2022 07:23 | Updated: 14-12-2022 11:32

FyFa Department Council

FyFa Department Council is a forum where information of different kind can be shared and discussed.

The Department Council, which consists of different staff categories (including administration, researchers, teachers, students), is a forum where information of different kind can be shared and discussed, and expectations are raised. The Department Council have a responsibility to share and spread information and have a dialogue with the whole department. During the autumn, two meetings were held where questions/topics including the following were discussed:

  • Visons of FyFa’s future: A “strategy work plan” during 2023 is discussed
  • FyFa's organization: Management team, Department council, other working groups, including:
    • Evaluation of teaching (Johanna, Christina + Central KI). A survey will soon be sent out to everyone within the educational organization.
    • Local facilities BM-group (Jon, Carl, Gunnar, Johanna, Christina, Roelinde). This group is currently looking over our premises and how we can fill empty places in our quarters. Results will be presented to the management team in early 2023 and thereafter presented/discussed with everyone at at FyFa.
    • MMG (Diana, Rebecka, Shane, Nuria, Annika, Jennie, Malin).
    • Doctoral student activities (Eva, Stefania), but also postdoc activities. The Department Council stresses the importance of networking among junior researchers, postdocs and doctoral students, and work on new types of activities to improve and expand the cooperation between all these.
    • Course lab equipment (Kent, Carl-Johan, Duarte, Jessica, Lily).
  • Events organized by FyFa (both scientific and social):
    • Department Day
    • FyFa research fika (PhD-presentations), Wednesdays
    • FyFa research seminars, twice each semester
    • Grand Rounds, PMI
    • FyFa Christmas party (20 December)
    • FyFa’s 30th year anniversary in 2023, and ideas for this event has been discussed
  • New Researchers at FyFa 

Contact the council

Everyone at the department is very welcome to contact members of the council to discuss and bring up ideas, critique or new subjects for discussion. The FyFa Department Council meeting is held twice per semester.

Members of FyFas Department Council