Published: 23-09-2016 16:25 | Updated: 23-09-2016 16:25

From Need to Business Idea

Welcome to an inspirational ideation seminar.

We go through the creative process of coming up with new ideas based on existing problems or an identified need. And then we look at how we can turn them into business ideas. We will also talk about how you best present your idea and the benefits of trying it out in Venture Cup, a community and competition co-arranged by KI.

The seminar will be held by Louise Tidholm from Venture Cup.

  • Location: Torget BZ (outside the library), Berzelius väg 3 KI Campus Solna, find your way
  • Time: 12-12.45, October 5th
  • No registration required, but limited seating! We provide lunch from 11.30