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Published: 2020-06-29 18:31 | Updated: 2020-06-29 18:31

From Basics to Clinics Winter Conference May 2018


The main focus of “From Basics To Clinics” is to foster and strengthen the PhD community at Karolinska Institutet both at the social and the scientific level by allowing networking between the different campuses, departments and doctoral programs. The event was supported by the DEVREG doctoral programme since we know how important it is to encourage student initiatives and dissemination of transferrable skills for future careers.

The majority of participants see this kind of conference as a very valuable activity for their personal development, especially when being at an early stage of their PhD careers. The attending PhD students (i) get opportunities to present and discuss their research among each other, (ii) get the possibility to network with people at Karolinska Institutet they would usually not meet, (iii) get opportunities to get inspired by research topics they are not that familiar with, (iv) get to acknowledge the different expertise available all over Karolinska Institutet and start new collaborations based on that knowledge, and (v) interact in a more personal setting with later stage researchers that have pursued different career paths.

We hope that such a unique PhD event will also be supported and realized in the coming years!