Published: 12-11-2019 13:15 | Updated: 12-11-2019 13:22

Fredrik Lundberg donates SEK 25 million to cardiovascular research at KI

Industrialist Fredrik Lundberg donates SEK 25 million to Karolinska Institutet. The donation goes to research on diseases of the aorta.

Porträtt av Anders Franco-Cereceda

The research project is headed by KI professor Anders Franco-Cereceda and aims to shed light on both underlying mechanisms and adequate pre-operative evaluation, surgical treatment and post-operative management of aortic disease.

This is the fourth time Fredrik Lundberg has supported the research group with previous donations in excess of SEK 42 million.

“It is very gratifying and a significant donation for the advancement of knowledge within a large and important disease group. Through the donation we can further strengthen the research in this area,” says professor Anders Franco-Cereceda at the Department of Molecular Medicine and Surgery.

Anders Franco-Cereceda is the leader of the research project, together with colleagues Christian Olsson and Per Eriksson.