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Published: 2020-06-16 14:18 | Updated: 2020-06-24 16:06

Five IT-related tasks you can do during the summer

Working during the summer? Here are five IT related tasks you can do. Photo: Pexels

Will you be working during the summer months and have a little bit more time on your hands than usually? You can start preparing for some changes within IT that are going to take place in the autumn term.

  • Activate two-step verification. It considerably increases the security of your account and allows you to save personal data in OneDrive storage. You can also use it to log in to VPN (instead of PointSharp).
  • Move your files from KI Box to OneDrive. KI Box will be phased out during the autumn term.
  • Have you upgraded your computer to Windows 10 yet? Book a time slot to complete the upgrade:
    • Flemingsberg, August 17 - September 27
    • Solna, October 2 - November 27
  • If you have a computer with Windows 10 and work at a Department within Coordinated IT Operations, you can install Always on VPN. It’s a new VPN service that will automatically connect you to the KI Network. You need to be on campus to install Always on VPN.
  • Sign up for a Microsoft Office365 training session

IT Support will have the same opening hours as usual throughout the summer. Contact for the fastest feedback.

Two of the projects that will begin this autumn are the final phase of the upgrade to Windows 10 and changes in data storage.