Published: 13-03-2013 00:00 | Updated: 26-11-2013 10:29

First travel awards for the "KI-Mayo collaboration" announced

[NEWS 13 March 2013] Collaboration between Karolinska Institutet and Mayo Clinic was secured at the end of 2011 with the signing of a formal comprehensive agreement. In this agreement, the collaboration was expanded to include innovation and administration, in addition to research and education. In December 2012, special travel grants were advertised to help deepen the collaboration. Now, the projects set to receive funding are known.

The grants, titled Collaborative Travel Awards, will cover travel and living expenses for travel between KI and Mayo Clinic. Researchers, doctoral students, teachers, administrative personnel and persons involved with the innovations systems at KI or Mayo Clinic have been able to apply. The steering committee for the KI-Mayo Clinic partnership were the deciding body.

The Collaborative Travel Awards granted funding to the following projects:

For travel to Mayo Clinic:

Association between sleep disturbances and Celiac Disease (CD), Karl Mårild, MD PhD

Clinical collaboration Bipolar Disorders, Lena Backlund, MD, PhD, Mats Adler, MD, PhD

Collaboration Libraries, Christer Björklund, Library Director + 1 staff

Create a scientific platform for clinical and experimental psychiatric research, Sophie Erhardt, PhD, Carl Sellgren, MD, PhD student

Create the first closed-loop approach for neuromodulation, Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, PhD, Karin Larsson, PhD

Development of a MS/MS method for contemporary measurement of aminolevulinic acid and porphobilinogen, Eliane Sardh MD, PhD

Helmet validation studies and collaboration, Svein Kleiven, PhD, Peter Halldin, PhD

Metabolomics training and analysis, Brigitte Twelkmeyer, PhD

For travel to Karolinska Institutet:

Developing and advancing technologies developed at either institution, Jim Rogers, JD, Michael Kline, PhD

Develop collaboration between glioma epidemiology groups, Robert Jenkins, MD, PhD, Daniel Lachance, MD, Brian O'Neill, MD

Developing physical learning spaces, Tom Viggiano, MD

Discuss and develop collaboration plans in the epidemiology of kidney cancer, Alexander Parker, PhD, Michelle L. Arnold

Educational Leadership, Tom Viggiano, MD

Establish a benign breast disease cohort tissue resource, Amy C. Degnim, MD, Marlene Frost, PhD, Celine Vachon, PhD, Daniel Visscher, MD, Derek Radisky, PhD

Establish international network of clinical research centers, James Meschia, MD, Thomas Brott, MD, Owen Ross, PhD, Alexa Richie

Gain experience with an ex vivo pancreatic cancer model, TBD Mukhopadhyay Research Fellow

Generate a novel device capable of wirelessly controllable artificial synaptic system, Erika Ross, Chris Kimble

Learn methodology and observe human studies, Victor Karpyak, MD, PhD

PhD student thesis work, Estefania Mondragon

PhD student thesis work, Kevin F. Bieniek

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