Lectures and seminars Faculty event: Benjamin Christoffersen

11-05-2021 11:00 am Add to iCal

Speaker: Benjamin Christoffersen
Title: Genetic and Environmental Effects Estimation Using Multi-generation Registers


The Swedish multi-generation register provides a unique opportunity to study genetic effects, environmental effects, and other types of effects on various types of outcomes. As an example, we work with estimating genetic and maternal effects on OCD and study the relationship between maternal RA and ASD. However, typical mixed liability-threshold models (a special type of GLMMs) for estimating such effects are computationally challenging to estimate if one wants to use all available data. Currently, researchers tend to either use MCMC, which can use all available data but can take weeks to fit a single model, or they do not fully use all available data, at the price of loss of efficiency.  We have extended previous estimation methods such that they are much faster. This allows us to include much more information from the register. We also suggest a procedure to greatly simplify the computational problem of estimating models while only ignoring very little of the information on family relationships in the register.

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Benjamin Christoffersen Postdoctoral researcher