Experience from a Degree Project in Medicine with the Department of Global Public Health

Blog post from two medical students in their eighth semester describing their experience from their Degree Project in Medicine, conducted at the Department of Global Public Health.

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Our names are Tobias and Erik. We are both medical students in our eigth semester and are currently doing our Degree Project in Medicine. There are many different fields of medical science to choose from, but we decided to do our projects with the Department of Global Public Health in collaboration with an organization called Friends for International Tuberculosis Relief (FIT, www.tbhelp.org). They are working with improving tuberculosis management in Vietnam and we just finished a one-month stay at their office in Ho Chi Minh City where we worked on our respective projects.

We got in contact with FIT through our supervisor Knut Lönnroth whom we contacted when we started to look for subjects for our theses. We recalled that Knut had given an interesting lecture and decided to contact him. He helped us get in contact with FIT and has been the supervisor of our projects.

Before going to Vietnam, we had heard that doing a project abroad can be complicated, stressful and sometimes even hard to realize at all. In our case, this could not have been farther from the truth. In Ho Chi Minh City, we felt very welcome and had many people supporting us, both with our projects and also with our everyday issues such as ordering food, buying sim cards etc.

We have learned a great deal during our stay in Ho Chi Minh City. First of all, about TB in Vietnam in particular, but also how international organizations carry out their work. Of course, we also got the chance to taste, smell, hear and experience this bustling city during our one-month in Ho Chi Minh. We think that anyone who is interested in spending some time abroad during their education should take the chance and do this when writing the thesis, we had a great time!