Published: 19-09-2019 12:36 | Updated: 19-09-2019 13:00

Exit poll 2019: students are mostly satisfied with their education at KI

Karolinska Institutet’s exit poll, which was sent out for the third time to all 37 undergraduate and second cycle programmes, has now been compiled and presented in a report. The survey is conducted twice a year, for the January and June degree programmes. The response rate was 51% for the Swedish programmes and 71% for the international programmes. The total number of respondents was 1023.

The results show that the students are generally satisfied with their education and that they would recommend Karolinska Institutet as an educational institution to prospective students.

To a large degree, students felt that their education is designed with a clear progression and that the content is based on current research. Furthermore, and to a large extent, the students feel prepared for their future work requirements when it comes to collaborative skills, critical thinking, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and being able to use scientific methods. They believe that the design of the programmes greatly encourages independent learning and they feel prepared to work in their area of study and to take ethical perspectives into account in their future work.

The answers to certain questions indicate that the education is perceived as weaker when it comes to informing students about their ability to influence the courses included in the programmes; further, students reported that they did not receive a great degree of encouragement to participate in course development. The results also show that a certain percentage of students do not feel prepared to work with global health issues or that they can contribute to sustainable development (particularly for students enrolled in the Swedish programmes).

The compiled results have been sent to all the programs and are available in a report.

Report - Exit poll Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019 (in Swedish)


Zoe Säflund Educational Developer