Published: 19-10-2023 10:35 | Updated: 19-10-2023 10:36

Engagement and collaboration between programmes and professions during IPL Day

Panel discussion during the IPL day.
Participants in the panel: Agneta Smith Jonasson, Ioannis Parodis, Sara Dahllöv, Helena Brodin, Helen Conte and Ioannis Parodis. Photo: Thomas Nixon.

Nearly 800 first term students from KI's educational programmes participated in the Interprofessional Learning Day (IPL Day) on 17 October 2023.

Discussion groups IPL-day.
Discussion groups IPL-day. Photo: Emma Karlsson

Interprofessional learning (IPL) is learning that occurs when students from different educational programmes interact and learn from each other. This is important for future work in healthcare. 

"By interacting and learning from each other and students from other programmes, they develop their ability to identify and describe the competences of different professions, which they will later collaborate with in the future," says Karen Gustafsson, project coordinator at the Teaching and Learning Unit. 

Patient of the future and panel discussion

The day began digitally with an introduction to interprofessional learning followed by a talk by Helena Nordenstedt and Lars Frelin on the patient of the future and the challenges and opportunities for local and global health. The participants had to do a digital test via Menti with questions about global health where three winners were chosen.

The morning ended with a panel discussion where the panel consisted of different professions and the patient Agneta, who shared her experiences and encounters with different health care professionals. The panel discussion was an introduction to the afternoon activities, where students from different educational programmes gathered in groups to discuss similar patient cases.

Interprofessional collaboration with the patient in focus 

In the afternoon, the students were divided into groups with students from different programmes. The task was to discuss a patient case together and identify what each profession, such as a nurse, physiotherapist, doctor and psychologist, could do to treat the patient. Once the groups had discussed their cases, they had to fill in a matrix showing how the different professions would treat the patient and what collaborations existed.

"The main goal of the IPL day is to focus on different approaches to health and patient safety early in the programme and to illustrate the purpose and importance of interprofessional collaboration as a way to support public health," says Karen Gustafsson.

The day offered great commitment and high participation from both students, supervisors and lecturers. The next event is in the spring term 2024. 

Background on the IPL Day 

  • The IPL day was held for the first time on Campus Solna in the autumn of 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the day was moved to a digital platform. After the pandemic, the morning has been digital, while the afternoon is held live on Campus Flemingsberg.
  • The day is coordinated by the Unit for Teaching and Learning in collaboration with IPL promoters linked to different programmes. 
  • KI's overall approach to interprofessional learning aims to prepare students for effective collaboration in their future professions.