Published: 25-10-2023 09:24 | Updated: 25-10-2023 09:24

Emptying storage furniture in corridors, ANA Futura

Delivery of furniture to touchdown seats and pods is around the corner, which requires emptying and moving the storage furniture in the corridors on floors 7 and 8 of the ANA Futura office building.

Deadline for emptying!

All storage furniture in corridors on floors 7 and 8 must be emptied by the end of the working day on Monday 30/10, so the furniture can be moved the following day.

We thank you for your help!

ANA Futura Service Team

New distribution of storage spaces

Storage furniture will be reduced in number after the move. The new distribution of storage spaces is calculated using the ANA Futura distribution key.

When all the cabinets are moved, they will be marked with Department/Division/Unit on each storage unit. NOTE! No items may be moved back to the cabinets until the labeling is complete. If you have questions about the distribution, please contact Marjan Amiri.

Photo of storage furniture in a corridor in ANA Futura.
Förvaringsmöbler i korridor, ANA Futura. Foto: Christina Sundqvist


Why must we empty the storage furniture now?

The delivery of the touchdown furniture and pods will take place in mid-November, but before that we need space to examine, wash (and if necessary repair) the carpets under the storage furniture.

We are many people in our office, where should we store what we want to keep in the storage furniture during the move?

Primarily the items should be temporarily placed inside the office, but in exceptional cases they can be placed outside of the office. It is important that the items do not block evacuation routes and moving furniture.

When can I move all items back?

The new distribution of storage spaces will be marked with Department/Division/Unit on each storage unit. Once the marking is complete, items can be put back in the respective marked cabinets.


ANA Futura Service Team