Published: 06-10-2017 00:08 | Updated: 06-10-2017 00:16

Elisabeth Rydwik new Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy with a combined clinical position

Elisabeth Rydwik. Foto: Yanan Li

From 28 August 2017, Elisabeth Rydwik is a Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy specializing in geriatrics, at Karolinska Institutet’s Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society. This is a combined position as a physiotherapist at the Stockholm Health Care Services (SLSO).

“I am looking forward to continue developing education and research within the field of geriatrics at the Division of Physiotherapy,” says Elisabeth Rydwik.

The primary focus of her research is physical activity and exercise and the effects on frail, older people living at home, in hospital rehabilitation settings, and in nursing homes. She has also studied various outcome measures for assessing muscle strength and walking speed, for example, as well as overall physical function measurements.

In this combined position, she will conduct her work in a close collaboration between the university and the SLSO.

“My position in the county council opens up for good opportunities to conduct clinically relevant research, and for increased opportunities for the research results to benefit the patients,” comments Elisabeth Rydwik.