Published: 2021-06-01 14:39 | Updated: 2021-06-02 14:45

Doctoral students at KI are satisfied with their doctoral education

Since 2008 all newly graduated doctoral students at KI are invited to submit an Exit Poll survey of their experiences of doctoral education.

The answers from the years 2017-2020 are now complied into a report, see below, where comparisons are also made with previous years. The Exit poll has a high response rate (77 %) which is quite unique for a questionnaire survey and makes the conclusions very reliable.

The report shows positive trends in many quality aspects such as supervision, departmental support, working environment and achieved degree outcomes. 9/10 doctoral students agree to the statement “Overall, I am satisfied with my doctoral education”. Those having a female supervisor were the most satisfied.

The results differed between departments, and each departmental head will now receive a report for their own department in order to allow self-evaluation.

”It is gratifying to see that most doctoral students are satisfied.”, says Robert Harris, vice Academic President for Doctoral Education. “There is still room for improvement, such as with equal opportunity issues and a small number of supervisors not being considered to perform to the standard we expect. I will use the Exit Poll results as a basis for discussions with each department. In order to assess the functional suitability of doctoral education environments at KI, we have implemented the so-called departmental Green Light assessment of proposed supervisors before a new doctoral education position is established. The impact of this quality control measure will hopefully be seen in future Exit Polls.

Report: Exit poll for doctoral students - results from 2017-2020

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