Published: 10-03-2017 10:58 | Updated: 10-03-2017 10:58

Doctoral Grants from Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation to Lisa Holmlund

Lisa Holmlund, a PhD student at the Division of Occupational Therapy, has been awarded SEK 800 000 from Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation for her project "Return to Work: Exploring Paths to work after spinal cord injury and designing a rehabilitation intervention."

The project aims to develop knowledge about returning to work for people with spinal cord injury. Its goal is to develop and evaluate the design and feasibility of an intervention to return to work after a spinal cord injury that serves as a complement to the current system.

This grant together with other grants from graduate school of health sciences (FIV) means that the doctoral project is fully funded.

"I am happy and grateful that Norrbacka-Eugenia Foundation has chosen to support this project, which we believe is important for participation in society for a group of people who often receive their injury during working age", says Lisa Holmlund.

Read more about the approved grants in 2016 here.