Participants sought for studies Do you want to improve your health and well-being with the help of a new app?

Today, many people struggle to prioritize their health, where lack of physical activity, poor dietary habits, and excessive stress are significant societal issues. Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet are now investigating how a new app, supported by artificial intelligence, can help individuals become more physically active, improve dietary habits, and enhance mental health. The responsible researchers are currently seeking participants for a study that will test a new app.

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About the Study

The purpose of the study is to determine whether a new app can help individuals make healthy lifestyle changes. 

The study involves wearing an activity tracker (measuring your activity) for one week initially. Afterward, you will gain access to an app on your phone and use it for 12 weeks. In the app, you will choose health-related goals that you want to work on. You will also have access to video calls with a personal coach, suggestions for exercise routines, recipes, and exercises for mental well-being, as well as the opportunity to participate in a community with other users. After 12 weeks, you will once again wear an activity tracker for one week. One month and three months later, you will receive an invitation to participate in an individual interview about your experience with the app and how you feel it has helped you. The interview will be conducted digitally through a video call, in a location near you, or over the phone and will take about an hour.

Who Can Participate?

• You must be at least 18 years old.
• You must own a smartphone.
• You must reside in selected municipalities/areas in Stockholm County (Botkyrka municipality, Flemingsberg Västra, Vårby Haga-Masmo, Flemingsbergs västra, Husby, Tensta, Rinkeby, Grimsta, Hässelby Gård, Älvsjö, Rågsved, Skogås Västra, Storvreten, Grusåsen-Weda-Listonhill, Brunsäng, Fornhöjden, Hovsjö, Ronna, Jordbro Södra, Granängsringen-Nyboda Brandbergen centrala, Fisksätra, Hallonbergen Västra, Edsberg, Blombacka, Skärholmen).

For your participation, you will receive a movie ticket.




Phone: 08-524 838 96

Responsible researcher

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Philip Von Rosen

Senior Lecturer

Processing of personal data

Your personal data is processed for the purposes of this study in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The legal entity responsible for processing of your personal data is Karolinska Institutet. The Data Protection Officer can be reached at The data will be analyzed on a group level, handled confidentially and it will be stored in a secure database at Karolinska Institutet. You can terminate your participation in the study at any time.