Published: 18-03-2024 11:02 | Updated: 18-03-2024 11:26

Do you want to be the peer of a young Ukranian researcher? – New project funded by the Swedish Institutet

Ukraine's flag against a blue sky.
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Nina Viberg and Tobias Alfvén have received funding from the Swedish Institute for a one year project to support Ukrainian PhD students and young researchers. The aim of the project is to build capacity for PhD student and young researcher so that they can effectively contribute to health systems strengthening especially for children and adolescents in deoccupied territories in Ukraine.

The project consists of an online workshop series on health systems strengthening including health consequences of war and conflict, especially for children and adolescents, on translating research into action and on other skills needed to become a successful researcher. 

PhD students and young researchers in Ukraine will be invited through the partner university Shupyk National Healthcare University of Ukraine. Five of the young researchers will constitute a core group of the project and will visit KI at the end of May.

"We will arrange several activities for them and hope you will all get to meet them and listen to their stories.", says Nina Viberg, Project coordinator.

How you can support

The five young researchers will be matched with a KI peer who will be their personal host for the week and also participate in the arrangement of selected on line seminars during the fall. A small remuneration will be awarded to the KI peers. 


Colleagues with an interest in the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • pediatrics
  • mental health
  • emergency medicine
  • health system strengthening, 
  • sustainable health care, 
  • public health
  • cardiology.

Please contact Nina Viberg if you are interested in participating.


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Nina Viberg

Project Coordinator