Published: 27-04-2015 11:57 | Updated: 27-04-2015 12:05

Dissertation 8 May, 2015: Myeongjee Lee "Effects of Kinship and Timing in Familial Cancer"

On May 8 Myeongjee Lee will defend her thesis "Effects of Kinship and Timing in Familial Cancer". Her opponent is associate professor Karin Sundström from the Department of Medicine and her supervisors are Marie Reilly, Kamila Czene and Paolo Rebora.

Family cancer history is one of the most important risk factors for cancer. Myeongjee's thesis investigated in depth the effect of family cancer history, in particular, the effects of kinship and timing on cancer incidence and prognosis using Swedish population-based registers. Some of the findings provide evidence that could help tailor screening programs for relatives of cancer patients and inform the design of genetic biomarker studies.

Time and place: 09:00 am, 8 May 2015 in the lecture hall Atrium Nobels väg 12B, Solna Campus.