Published: 2018-04-06 08:32 | Updated: 2018-04-06 08:47

Dissertation 20 April 2018: Isabell Brikell

On Friday April 20, Isabell Brikell will defend her thesis "ADHD, epilepsy, and related childhood psychopathology: understanding shared genetic risk, developmental trajectories, and pharmacological treatment safety". Professor Sarah Medland from the Department of Psychiatric Genetics at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute will serve as opponent. Isabell's supervisors are Henrik Larsson, Ralf Kuja-Halkola and Benjamin Lahey.

Isabell's thesis included four studies focusing on ADHD, epilepsy and childhood psychopathology and the results highlight important aspects of development and comorbidity in ADHD. It also lends support to the hypothesis that ADHD may be considered part of a broader continuum of psychopathology that is underpinned by partly shared genetic factors.

Time and location: 09:00, April 20 2018 in the lecture hall Petrén, Nobels väg 12B, Karolinska Institutet, Solna