Published: 24-05-2017 16:59 | Updated: 24-05-2017 17:05

Dissertation 16 June 2017: Donghao Lu

On Friday June 16, Donghao Lu will defend his thesis "The role of psychological stress in cervical and prostate carcinogenesis". His opponent is Professor David Spiegel from the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences School of Medicine, Stanford University. Donghao's supervisors are Fang Fang, Katja Fall, Unnur Valdimarsdottir and Pär Sparén.

The aim of Donghao's thesis was to investigate the impact of psychological stress on cancer initiation and progression, using cervical cancer as an example, as well as to investigate the mechanistic contributions of immune and neuroendocrine systems to this link in cervical and prostate cancers, respectively.

Time and location: 09:00, June 16 2017 in the lecture hall Petrén, Nobels väg 12B, Karolinska Institutet, Solna