Published: 25-04-2019 09:34 | Updated: 29-04-2019 08:29

Dissertation 13 May 2019: Andreas Karlsson

On Monday May 13 Andreas Karlsson will defend his thesis "Microsimulation modelling of prostate cancer screening in Sweden". His opponent is Dr Eveline Heijnsdijk from the Erasmus University Medical Center. Andreas' supervisors are Mark Clements, Alexandra Jauhiainen, Erwin Laure and Henrik Grönberg.

Andreas' thesis work focuses on developing methods and tools for planning cancer screening in general, and prostate cancer screening in Sweden specifically. He also sought to assess the cost-effectiveness of screening with a new test for prostate cancer – STHLM3. To assess the screening effects of using the STHLM3 test, a model of the natural history of prostate cancer was needed. This model was then used to predict the cost-effectiveness of screening with the STHLM3 test.

Time and location: 09:00, May 13 2019 in the lecture hall Petrén, Nobels väg 12B, Karolinska Institutet, Solna