Published: 10-01-2022 14:14 | Updated: 12-01-2022 13:57

Director for Health Emergency and Pandemic Science Centre

To be better prepared for future health crises, Karolinska Institutet (KI), and society at large, must be ready and able to activate a rapid response based on knowledge and competence in basic, clinical and public health research and education. In setting up the Health Emergency and Pandemic Science Centre, KI will be able to contribute through enhanced coordination and interaction of internal experts, skills and resources at local, national and global levels.

Initially, KI’s Health Emergency and Pandemic Science Centre must tap into and develop the knowledge and competence in research and education that have been accumulated during the pandemic. The Centre will be multidisciplinary and multisectoral and span a broad palette of professions. Handling health crises is mainly done between crises, not necessarily during them, and involves building preparedness and strengthening societal resistance ahead of forthcoming major health events.

KI is now seeking a Director to lead and coordinate the creation of this virtual Centre.

Duties and responsibilities

The Director will:

  • lead and coordinate operations
  • be responsible for the Centre including its operations and strategic development
  • be main rapporteur to the steering group and interact with the advisory board and KI management
  • facilitate regional collaboration, where the Stockholm Trio universities will be key players, as well as national and international collaboration
  • with others at KI, look for  financing opportunities and, when necessary, support the coordination of larger funding applications.

The position will involve operational responsibility but not, initially, responsibility for personnel. Administrative support to the Director will be available from the University Administration.

Qualifications and competence

  • Scientific background and experience in research and education.
  • Good knowledge of KI and its organisation.
  • A broad regional, national and international network.
  • Ability to adopt a multidisciplinary approach and a system perspective.
  • Ability to build a new operational unit. 
  • Excellent leadership and team skills.
  • Knowledge and experience in the operational and strategic handling of health crises is preferred but not necessary.

The assignment

  • Will be combined with an already existing position at KI
  • Comprises at a minimum 30 per cent of a full-time position
  • Will last until 2023-06-30 with the possibility of an extension.


You can either send your application to Karolinska Institutet, Registrator, 171 77 Stockholm or mail it, marked Dnr 1-1188/2021, to by 31 January 2022. Your application must include:

  • a cover letter (max one page A4)
  • your relevant competence and experience (max one page A4)
  • your CV (max two pages A4)
  • the full contact details of up to three references.

Applications will be reviewed by a small group appointed by the President and led by Lars I Eriksson.

For further information, please contact Ulrika Widegren.