Published: 17-04-2024 13:55 | Updated: 25-04-2024 14:50

Dentmed hosted the Nordic Dean Meeting 10 – 12 april 2024

Nordic Dean Meeting 2024 Photo: Kicki Carlsson KI

The theme was sustainability.
Deans of dental programmes, education and research managers from universities in Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland gathered for the second Nordic Dean Meeting here in Sweden. The programme included lectures on sustainability and group discussions that resulted in cross-border collaborations.

Foto: Kicki Carlsson KI

Writing to make a difference 

Peter Andreasson
Director of Communications and Public Relations, Karolinska Institutet 

Group discussions at Nordic Dean Meeting 2024 Photo: Kicki Carlsson KI
Foto: Kicki Carlsson KI
Photo: Kicki Carlsson KI

Environmental certification of a university institution 

Tove Berg, PhD
Environmental coordinator, Unit of Service and Maintenance 
Department of Dental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet