Published: 24-03-2023 16:51 | Updated: 19-04-2023 18:35

Create course evaluations directly in Canvas - here's what you need to know

Create the course evaluation in KI Survey.
Photo: Pixabay.

As a teacher or course administrator, you can now create your course evaluations directly in Canvas. The goal is a smoother process and higher response rates.

Zoe Säflund.
Zoe Säflund, Unit for Teaching and Learning. Photo: N/A.

During the fall, two educational programs tested creating course evaluations directly in Canvas, and now the feature is available to all educational programs at KI.

- For each program, there is a pre-made program specific template with five general questions, as well as program-specific questions. We believe that this will make the evaluation process smoother since it can be done directly in Canvas, and also increase response rates," says Zoe Säflund, educational developer at the Department of Education and Learning, who worked on the implementation with a project group.

The program-specific questions should be relevant to all courses in the program.

Students receive the survey in Canvas

Students receive an email when the survey is opened and answer it inside Canvas.

Reports are created automatically, and teachers, administrators, and students can access them in Canvas. Students can only see the short version of the report (without free text).

Exporting results of course evaluation

Exporting and submitting the results of the course evaluation follows the same routine as before, even when done in Canvas.

Good to know about course evaluations 

  • Course-specific questions: It is possible to add course-specific questions, then you need to go via KI Survey and can thus follow the previous instructions for creating course evaluations (link Create course evaluations and export the result).
  • A manual (in Swedish and English) for course evaluations in Canvas will be distributed to all programs.
  • One or two people from each program should be connected to the program's template. Then they get access to all surveys created by the program template.


The feature of course evaluations in Canvas and how it affects the response rate will be evaluated.
If you have any questions or want to make adjustments to the program template, please contact Zoe Säflund.