Lectures and seminars COVID-19 - a global problem. Do we have global solutions?

28-04-2021 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Add to iCal
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Earth surrounded by COVID-19 viruses
COVID-19 is a global problem. Do we have global solutions? Photo: Getty Images

Welcome to a live webinar from Karolinska Institutet with thematic panel presentations and Q&A on COVID-19-related research topics (i.e. impacts of the pandemic, critical care and diagnostics in low-and middle income settings, vaccine access, vigilance and immunology) including international and KI-based speakers.

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Introduction and key note

Welcome:  Anna Mia Ekström & Anna Färnert

Key Note: "Equitable and just access to vaccines and critical medicines " - KI President Ole Petter Ottersen

Panel presentation 1

Global health impact of COVID-19 - moderators Eleni Aklillu & Zarina Nahar Kabir

- Global health impact of COVID-19 - Helena Nordenstedt

- Child perspective on COVID-19 crisis in LMIC - Tobias Alfvén

- Social security related to COVID-19 - Knut Lönnroth

- Q&A

Panel presentation 2

Clinical care and diagnostics - moderators Tobias Alfvén & Helena Nordenstedt

Care of severe and critical COVID-19 in low resource settings - Tim Baker

Increasing accessibility and throughput in COVID-19 diagnostics - Björn Reinius

- Digital diagnostics and self-monitoring - COVID-19 perspectives - Johan Lundin

- SARS CoV2 and pregnancy: global evidence generation - Anna Ekéus Thorson

- Q&A

Panel presentation 3

COVID-19 vaccines and immunity - moderators Anders Björkman & Jonas Klingström

- COVID-19 immunology: why is there less life-threatening disease and death in Africa than in Europe? Francis Ndungu

- COVID-19 vaccine safety surveilliance - Eleni Aklillu

- COVID-19 vaccine distribution & indirect impact of the COVID-19 pandemic - Anna Mia Ekström

- Q&A


Summing up and way forward.