Published: 05-05-2023 15:09 | Updated: 05-05-2023 15:14

Courses to enhance your teaching skills

Students having a conversation around a table
Photo: Brooke Cagle, Unsplash.

Higher Education courses can provide you with valuable tools to use when teaching. The number of participants to the courses are limited, but it is still possible to apply to some of the courses given during the Autumn term.

To teach at the glocal university

This course is an introduction to the main issues surrounding teaching and learning at an international university. The course will enable you to reflect upon your current teaching practices, while gaining a better understanding and appreciation of your students, their backgrounds and needs.

Application and more information about the course: “Teaching in the glocal university”

Designing doctoral courses

The aim of this course is to enhance your ability to explore choices and make informed choices in course design and develop your professional competence as a university teacher. In particular, the course aims to increase knowledge about pedagogy and policies of relevance to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of doctoral courses at KI.

Application and more information about "Designing doctoral courses"