Published: 31-08-2022 07:55 | Updated: 31-08-2022 07:55

Courses in Cardiovascular Rescue (CPR) training

In collaboration with KI occupational health care Avonova, FM now offers courses in Cardiovascular Rescue (CPR) training in September 2022 for employees working in Biomedicum.

Dates and registration

Link to dates and registration here 

Max 12 participants per course opportunity. The courses are only for staff working in Biomedicum. 

The course is free of charge, but there will be a fee if you do not show up. Please therefore remove your booking if you cannot attend so that someone else can take your spot. 

Note that cancellations often take place close to the occasion, so if a course is full, check available spots closer to the course-dates and there is a good chance that there is room.

More opportunities will be offered in case of great interest.