Published: 22-05-2023 08:00 | Updated: 22-05-2023 08:00

Courses for teaching at an international university

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Unit for Teaching and Learning organizes two courses about teaching at an international university. You can now apply to the courses given during the Autumn term.

Teaching in the glocal university

An introduction to the main issues surrounding teaching and learning at an international university. Based on evidence-based scholarship of teaching and learning, discussions, and own reflections, it will enable participants to reflect upon their current teaching practices, while gaining a better understanding and appreciation of their students, their backgrounds and needs.

Course dates and registration

5 Oct 2023 to 7 Dec 2023 (equivalent to 2-weeks full-time study). Online.
More information and registration.

Two2Tango - Tandems for teaching in the glocal classroom

Intended for teachers who wish to develop their teaching skills and their intercultural awareness for teaching the international classroom, in English. Participants will be encouraged to adopt a reflective approach to teaching and learning through discussing issues related to teaching multilingual and multicultural learning spaces in English,

Course dates and registration

11 Dec 2023- 21 June 2024 (equivalent to 2-weeks full-time study). Online.
More information and registration.