Published: 16-04-2024 09:30 | Updated: 16-04-2024 09:30

Contents of compliation theses at KI for PhD degree and the description of learning outcomes

The Committee for Doctoral Education have revised the requirements for a PhD compilation thesis to be defended at KI. The new requirements allow the inclusion of more types of papers to be included in a PhD compilation thesis, while still requiring that at least two have been accepted for publication at the time the application for dissertation is sent in to the Dissertation Committee of KI. A new requirement that a description of how the PhD learning outcomes have been met, is also added.

Shortly the new rules on the complication thesis contents include the following:

Number of constituent papers
The number of papers in a compilation thesis may vary, but they must have a total scope that corresponds to four years of full-time studies in postgraduate education (two years of full-time studies for licentiate theses). (no change from before)

Original Papers
At least two original papers (at least one in licentiate theses) must be published, or accepted for publication, in peer-reviewed journals. (no change from before)

Author order
At least one of the original papers, published or in manuscript, must have the doctoral student as the first author (does not apply to licentiate theses). Shared first authorship is accepted. Please note that this requirement for first authorship only applies to PhD students who are admitted to postgraduate education from 2024-03-01. This is a change from before. 

Types of additional scientific works
In addition to original papers, published or manuscripts, a thesis may also contain other scientific works that have been published, or accepted for publication, in peer-reviewed journals. The aim is to adapt the thesis to an open science system and the thesis should be better able to show the doctoral student's development and learning. This is a change from before. 


If you have any questions with regards to PhD studies at MBB, you can as always contact Elias Arnér, Ulrika Marklund or Victoria Balabanova.