Published: 08-12-2022 15:38 | Updated: 08-12-2022 15:38

Congratulations Annika Larsson och Camilla Öberg, recipients of the KI Work Environment Award 2022

Annika Larsson and Camilla Öberg at the Educational Office thank you for KI Work Environment Award they have just received. Photo: Maria Staiger

It is not unusual för NVS to accept the Work Environment Award. In 2019 Sofia Vikström and the Division of Occupational Therapy were recognized, and a few years prior to that, Maria Hagströmer and the Division of Physiotherapy were awarded. The ambitious work at NVS on work environment is obvious.

In the middle of the award ceremony, there was some break gymnastics in the form of dancing to Pulp Fiction. Anders from Health Promotion led it digitally. An appreciated feature. Photo: Maria Staiger

This year, Annika Larsson, head of the Educational Office at NVS, and Camilla Öberg, deputy head, are awarded for their work in implementing the new Educational Office, successfully bringing together co-workers into a completely new and thriving unit at the department, despite the many limitations caused by the pandemic.

What were your reactions to the news of winning the award?

”We were both overwhelmed and very proud!” says Annika Larsson and Camilla Öberg. ”Incredibly fun, and very honored to be nominated. We are very grateful.”

What does the award mean to you?

”It confirms our systematic work and thoughts about work environment, which we have invested in from the start. It shows that we are on the right track.”

Were work environment a priority in starting up the new Educational Office at NVS?

”We were always focused on strengthening the unity and cohesion within the group, as well as increase collaborations between the different professional teams at the office. It is always easier to ask questions to somebody you know and share previous experiences with. It also allows for a forgiving and generous atmosphere where you are allowed to ask questions and test ideas. To expand and develop, we can’t be afraid to try new things.”

Any idea of what to do with the prize sum?

”Not yet, we will make a mutual decision within the group, it will definitively be something that includes everybody.”

The justification

“ This year's work environment prize and 3000 EUR is awarded to the Education Office at the department of neurobiology, care science and society for their successful work in centralizing educational support at the department. Through their responsiveness, great commitment and ability to think new and systematically, the unit have succeeded in creating a noticeably good and well-organized work environment in a short period of time. In order to promote cohesion at the unit, the managers has encourage the employees to take an active part in the reorganization and offered various health care activities and regular walk and talk meetings. “