Published: 10-01-2023 14:32 | Updated: 11-01-2023 09:29

Company for decontamination changes name to BELFOR Sweden

KI's procured company for decontamination has changed its brand. It was previously called SSG Nordic but has now changed its name to BELFOR Sweden. We ask KI's operations to please update local procedures and instructions, if the decontamination company is mentioned in these.

Contact details for the company (e.g. when decontamination is needed) are unchanged. See the data below.

BELFOR Sweden (formerly SSG Nordic AB)

Decontamination services can be ordered by phone 08-99 99 24 (outside office hours/call 020-100 140) or email

When ordering, please specify:

  • One of the following options:
    • Priority 1: Work of an urgent, emergency or on-call/preparedness nature.  Starting within 2 hours.
    • Priority 2: Commencement within a week.
    • Priority 3: Planned. Commencement according to agreement, normally within 2-4 weeks.
  • Your ZZ code
  • Full billing address
  • Where you wish to have the service performed
  • What the service consists of


Erik Stenholm Administrative officer