Lectures and seminars Cognition, Curriculum and Expertise: One journey in medical education research - Nicole Woods

22-11-2021 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm Add to iCal
Nicole Woods, KIPRIME Fellows. Photo: Erik Cronberg.

Despite decades of research in medical education, there continue to be unanswered questions regarding the role of basic science knowledge in curricula and expert development. Meet Nicole Woords in this MedEd Studio.

Cognition, Curriculum and Expertise: One journey in medical education research

In this session, we will use the lens of cognitive psychology to consider the mental representation of basic science and clinical knowledge, how different forms of knowledge impact problem-solving, and how education can support the cognitive architecture necessary for practice.

Nicoel Woods will share a recent model of medical cognition as a foundation to explore implications for clinical reasoning and curriculum design. Along the way, we’ll discuss one journey in medical education research. We will reflect on some of the speed bumps, roadblocks, and ways forward.

About Nicole Woods

"My research explores the development of expertise in the health professions. As a cognitive psychologist, I am interested in the mental representation of diagnostic categories, how different forms of knowledge are used in problem-solving, and how education supports the cognitive architecture necessary for practice. Medical education has traditionally encouraged the acquisition of isolated knowledge. Fragmented curricula often separate the basic sciences (e.g. biochemistry, anatomy and physiology) from clinical knowledge of disease and treatment.

My work has found that this artificial separation of basic and clinical sciences has a detrimental effect on learning."



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