Published: 2021-02-17 15:45 | Updated: 2021-07-02 14:08

Clearer paths to research support

Photo: Erik Cronberg

This spring the research support will be clarified. The project is run by a working group from the central administration alongside three mentors from the departments.

Eva Gipperth. Photo: Mats Rundgren

“My hope is that this project will be the starting point for improving and developing the support needed for KI to be able to deliver what we do best: research and education,” says Eva Gipperth, one of the mentors and head of administration at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology.

This work is part of the larger program "Harmonized professional services" and aims at streamlining information for researchers to find the research support that is offered. In addition, the work in the project will contribute to greater clarity regarding what the researcher needs to do, when it needs to be done, and connect persons at the departments and those at the university administration who work with research support.

Supporting the project

To ensure that everything within the project is demand-driven, three department representatives have been invited to support the project. Every three weeks, they meet with the project management and discuss everything from strategies and goals to details.

“My experience is that we have very good research support at KI, but that it needs to be clarified and easier to find. Some support is central, some support is local. For the individual researcher, it is not always clear where to turn. We are a complex organisation. The central administration and the departments do not always see each other's realities,” says Eva Gipperth.

Karin Wallin Blomberg och Thomas Tinglöv. Photo: N/A

Together with Karin Wallin Blomberg, head of administration the Department of Clinical Neuroscience and Thomas Tinglöv, head of administration at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition, Eva Gipperth are the project's mentors.

Guiding website

During the spring, the project team will create a website that connects information about the research support available at KI. Through this website, the researcher is pointed in the right direction, and finds the support he or she can receive depending on where in the research process the researcher is. The ambition is to cover as much research support as possible, in which cases they can get help and where they can turn to in such cases.

In addition, a group from the legal unit and the newly established Research Support Office are working to clarify who does what in contact with the researchers.

“It is extremely important that the departments and the central administration come together and that our support processes are efficient and linked. I think this will give our researchers better support and it will also be more fun and more stimulating for us who work with business support,” says Eva Gipperth.

Sub-projects within research support

Overall responsibility for the research support sub-projects: Björn Kull

The contract process

Clarifying and allocating roles around the agreement process, in order to simplify for researchers prior to contract writing of financing agreements. . Project leader: Richard Cowburn

Digital interface

Clarify which research support is offered to the researcher, and describe how they should proceed to receive the support. Project leader: Vendela Magnusson

Pre Award Coordination

Work to increase collaboration regarding parties working with research funding. Project leader: Carolina Kristell