Published: 04-11-2015 16:50 | Updated: 04-11-2015 16:50

CIM was visited by University of York

A delegation from University of York visited researchers at CIM and HERM for a first step in strengthening the relations between the two Universities. Mattias Svensson, coordinator of the day, finds it very rewarding.

It was researchers from CIM and HERM and Deputy Vice Chancellor and the Dean of Research at KI who attended the meeting with researchers and Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of York. The aim was to identify common research interests and initiate collaborations between the universities.

- I see the day as very successful and it was obvious that there are areas of expertise that can be shared between the research groups. There were also many discussions started for continued cooperation’s. This was an important day for the continuation and strengthening of relations between the two universities, says Associate Professor and research group leader Mattias Svensson.

The day started with a welcome speech by Mattias Svensson and Professor Malin Flodström- Tullberg, both research group leaders at CIM, followed by an introductory presentation of KI´s Deputy Vice Chancellor for international affairs Professor Maria Masucci and the University of York´s Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research; Professor Deborah Smith.

The morning was devoted to scientific presentations by individual scientists from both universities. The short presentations were, followed by questions and discussion in the field of Infection medicine and Hematology.

Susanna Brighenti, research group leader and Associate Professor of immunology at CIM, presented her research. Susanna’s research is in the field of immune responses to human tuberculosis (TB) infection.

The day ended with discussions of strategies aimed at enhancing the cooperation between the two universities and concluding words of KI's Dean of research Professor Hans- Gustaf Ljunggren.