Published: 11-06-2014 12:54 | Updated: 11-06-2014 12:54

Chinese Vice Minister visited KI

The Chinese Vice Minister of National Health and Family Planning Commission, Liu Qian, visited Karolinska Institutet on 10 June to learn more about the KI organisation and about the university's connection to health services. The Vice Minister and his delegation were also interested in discussing the specialist training programme for physicians.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University, Anders Hamsten, received the delegation in the Aula Medica together with Pro Vice-Chancellor Kerstin Tham and the Dean of Higher Education, Jan-Olov Höög. The delegation then continued with a field visit to the SciLifeLab led by Karin Dahlman-Wright, professor and KI Scientific Director of SciLifeLab with special responsibility for the national platforms.

KI is currently in close contact with some 30 universities in China. KI is also working on some 70 projects involving individual researchers or departments in China. Since the 1980s, around 300 Chinese students have completed their theses at Karolinska Institutet. Approximately one in five of them has returned to China, where several now hold top positions at Chinese universities. Another tenth have had a career within KI, and some have become professors.

Link to the KI strategy for cooperation with universities in China.