Published: 18-09-2017 22:20 | Updated: 18-09-2017 22:41

Chenhong Lin is the new chair of the PhD council at NVS

Chenhong Lin. Photo: Selma Wolofsky

Starting from this fall, Chenhong Lin is the new chair of the PhD council at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS).

At the top of the new chair´s agenda is to work closely with the department on common goals, such as increased visibility within and outside of Karolinska Institutet, and to create a welcoming and supporting work environment for the PhD students.

“Many of the goals in the action plans are the same for the department and the council, therefore I would like to align the two in a more structured manner so that the council’s activities also support the goals of NVS in general, this will have a bigger effect compared to if we make a separate plan for the council”, says Chenhong Lin and continues:

“The PhD students make up a big part of the employees at NVS and it is important that we are good ambassadors for the department, and for the research and education that we conduct.”

To support that goal, Chenhong Lin wants to make sure that every PhD student starting at NVS gets the full support needed, and gets to learn about the department and KI.

“We already have a well-established introduction routine working together with the management and administration for doctoral education at NVS, but we can strengthen the parts in which the PhD students gets to learn about their rights and obligations, equal treatment, and also social aspects and how to make new acquaintances”, says the chair.

In her new role, she would also like to continue the great work done by Anna Marseglia, who she is succeeding on the chair post.

“Anna Marseglia did a lot of good things for the PhD students at NVS, and I want to keep up the great initiatives on for example physical and social activities and equal treatment. I´m also very happy to be working on these matters in the great company of the other council members”, says Chenhong Lin.