Published: 18-09-2023 11:34 | Updated: 18-09-2023 13:12

Changes to the PA16 occupational pension to be made on 1 January 2024

Your occupational pension depends on the year you were born. On 1 January 2024, an amendment will come into force that affects retirement pensions for all employees born before 1988.

The amendment to the PA16 occupational pension concerns all employees born before 1988 and who fall under section 2 of the PA16 agreement. In brief, the change means that you will earn pension entitlements until the age of 69. There are also new rules on how you can take out a partial pension.

Employees born in or after 1966 will no longer be able to apply for partial retirement.

If you were born after 1988 and fall under section 1 of the PA16 agreement, these amendments do not affect you.

The changes have been made to harmonise the terms of the pension agreement for employees in section 1 and section 2. Information about occupational pensions at KI.

For further details about the changes being made to the PA16 pension, we refer you to the National Government Employees Pension Board (SPV).