Published: 17-04-2024 11:32 | Updated: 17-04-2024 11:32

Changes to storage volumes in OneDrive and Teams

Microsoft recently adjusted the storage volume included in the user licences that apply to Swedish higher education institutions.

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The new data limits, i.e. how much storage each user has access to, will be as follows:


Each employee now has access to a total storage of 1 TB.


Each created Team or SharePoint group now has a storage limit of 2 TB.

No saved data will be affected

These storage limits are a decrease from before, but for the vast majority of users they are more than sufficient.

The few users who currently use more storage than the new limits allow, will be contacted by email - no data will be affected or deleted.

OneDrive for students

Registered students will have a storage limit of 50GB in OneDrive.