Published: 15-03-2024 13:53 | Updated: 18-03-2024 09:19

CESH and GPH Collegues visited Uganda with Vice President Martin Bergö

MIDWIZE project, Uganda
Photo: Ksenya Hartvigsson

In February 2024, the Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health and GPH colleagues had the pleasure to accompany Vice President Martin Bergö to Makerere University in Uganda, a long-term partner of Karolinska Institutet. During the visit the vice president was introduced to the Karolinska Institutet – Makerere collaboration and got the possibility to meet colleagues and see different projects.

Photo: Kesenya Hartvigsson

One example being the MIDWIZE project, where midwives at Naguru Hospital have been able to create practical and meaningful improvements for women during childbirth. This project is led by professor Helena Lindgren and lies under Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Health (CESH).

Martin Bergö also had the opportunity to visit a Field Demographic site where among others Professor Anna Mia Ekström, Associate professor Helena Nordenstedt and Professor Susanne Guidetti have projects. Professor Rhoda Wanyenz, Makerere, and professor Tobias Alfvén, GPH, co-chairs of the CESH working group also introduced Martin Bergö to the CESH team and steering committee members in Uganda. 

Further Martin and the delegation had the opportunity of meeting with the leadership of Makerere School of Public Health and the vice Chancellor of Makerere university, Professor Barnabas Nawangwe. The vice president Martin Bergö was genuinely impressed by the commitment and results arising from this collaboration.