Published: 2020-11-24 14:43 | Updated: 2021-02-11 17:46

Certain educational activities on campus to ensure safety and quality

NEO KI Flemingsberg Photo: Free

COMMENT: As of 24 November all public gatherings and events of more than eight people are prohibited. Academic activities do not, however, fall under either of these categories. At a press conference on 18 November, the government announced that universities need to be able to conduct certain educational activities on site, and KI is taking measures to ensure that such activities can be done as safely as possible.

Karolinska Institutet (KI) has introduced distance teaching and examination to the greatest possible extent. However, for some priority groups and educational activities, we judge that campus-based practical skills training and examination are necessary for guaranteeing quality and assessing knowledge levels, provided that a corona-safe environment can be arranged.

KI has high academic expectations of its students. For us, it is important that we turn out highly trained students possessing the medical skills and knowledge required to meet and care for patients professionally. It is KI’s responsibility to ensure and guarantee that our graduates meet this demand. We also have responsibility for ensuring that graduate nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers enter clinical employment as soon as possible. To postpone examinations is therefore not a good option. This is a belief that we share with medical faculties at other Swedish universities.

The KI management understands people’s concerns about sit-down examinations and takes them very seriously. It is in continual dialogue with student representatives and has regular contact with other universities, with the Ministry of Education, and with our own COVID-19 resource teams. The management follows developments closely and is prepared to take whatever measures are necessary.

Safe examination rooms

In order to ensure a safe environment during sit-down exams – a maximum of 50 persons applies from week 50 – KI has reduced the number of students allowed in the rooms, increased the distance between tables, has scheduled entries, deploys staff to oversee the safe entrance and exit of students, cleans the rooms more often than usual, and provides hand desanitiser and face masks. Every effort is also made to schedule exams at times when students can travel to them safely. Students showing symptoms are politely asked to leave the premises.    

All students must take it upon themselves to refrain from going to an examination if they present symptoms of COVID-19. Students unable to sit an exam or even a resit due to illness should, if possible, be offered an additional re-sit, especially if they are in danger of being barred. Students who arrive at an examination with cold symptoms will be instructed to leave the premises; failure to do so could incur disciplinary measures.

It is also up to all students to follow the local instructions from their course coordinators. For example:

  • Be punctual and proceed quickly to your assigned place.
  • Keep a distance and do not gather in groups outside the premises.
  • Follow the entrance procedures and make sure you know which door to use.
  • Do not walk around the room.
  • Do not use lockers to store personal belongings; place coats and bags beside your table.
  • Avoid forming queues when visiting the lavatory, submitting your papers or leaving the room.

Hand sanitiser and face masks are provided in the premises.