Published: 10-06-2024 09:14 | Updated: 10-06-2024 09:14

Centralised management of Stata, ChemDraw and SIMCA

The IT Office is further broadening the software portfolio with three popular software products that have a large number of users at KI.

When we are able to aggregate purchases, the cost goes down, and at the same time administration is reduced as users only need to place an order in Wisum for a subscription that runs until it is cancelled.

In other cases, a more complicated process is required where an individual purchaser buys a software and has to ensure that it is renewed annually. Installation is also simplified through our Software Centre/Self Service (Mac) installation portals.

The three new software products are these:


Stata is a powerful statistical software package that provides a comprehensive set of applications for data analysis. The licence provides access to StataNow, which always includes the latest features. 

ChemDraw Professional

ChemDraw Professional is a comprehensive software suite designed to facilitate communication and efficiency in chemistry research.


SIMCA is a data analysis solution that enables you to extract, model and interpret complex data from spectroscopy, omics and other sources.

To order software licences

For more information and licence conditions, see Order software licenses.

Licences are ordered in the usual way via Wisum and the category "KI - Programvaror". Subscription licences initially run for one year and can then be cancelled with three months' notice.

For institutions outside Coordinated IT, it is the licence coordinator who places the order.