Published: 2021-06-29 09:37 | Updated: 2021-07-12 10:03

Celebrating new NVS professor and docents

Recognition of new professor Dorota Religa, with Head of department Maria Ankarcrona. Photo: Annika Clemes

On Monday June 21, NVS held the annual recognition of new professors, docents, and senior lecturers. This year, one professor and seven docents were honored. In keeping with the COVID-19 restrictions, the celebration was held outdoors for a small group, with social distancing.

NVS new professor and docents. From left: Serhiy Dekhtyar, Amaia Calderon Larrañaga, Joana Braga Pereira, Dorota Religa, David Moulaee Conradsson, Anna Jervaeus and Daniel Ferreira Padilla. Photo: Annika Clemes

After mingling on the lawn behind the ANA 23 building, Head of department Maria Ankarcrona gathered the group and directed remarks to the honorees individually, before presenting them with certificates and flowers.

Dorota Religa, Division of Clinical Geriatrics, is our new professor in clinical geriatrics. New docents are Joana Braga Pereira, Division of Clinical Geriatrics (docent in neuroscience), Amaia Calderon Larrañaga, Division of ARC (docent in aging research), David Moulaee Conradsson, Division of Physiotherapy (docent in physiotherapy), Serhiy Dekhtyar, Division of ARC (docent in geriatric epidemiology), Daniel Ferreira Padilla, Division of Clinical Geriatrics (docent in neuropsychology), Anna Jervaeus, Division of Nursing (docent in nursing) and Anna Nager, Division of Family Medicine and Primary Care, (docent in family medicine). Anna Nager was not able to attend the celebration.


Head of department Maria Ankarcrona and Petra Helkala, coordinator, preparing for the celebration. Photo: Annika Clemes
Mingle during the celebration of new NVS professor and docents. Photo: Annika Clemes
Maria Ankarcrona addressing the group. Photo: Annika Clemes