Published: 08-09-2015 00:15 | Updated: 08-09-2015 00:30

Celebrate the International Day of Physiotherapy on September 8th

Medarbetare vid sektionen för fysioterapi.

Today is the International Day of Physiotherapy, and the Division of Physiotherapy, Department of NVS, wish all a great day in the spirit of physiotherapy.

At the division, we believe in the joy of being able to move, and we work for the right of everyone to be able to experience the joy of movment in everyday life! This by our leading and international research and education. Do you want to be part of our vision to improve people's health ? Check out our webpage.

To learn more about how the International Day of Physiotherapy is celebrated in Sweden, please visit this webpage.

Studenter vid Fysioterapeutprogrammet.

Studenter vid Fysioterapeutprogrammet termin 2.