Published: 25-11-2016 13:05 | Updated: 25-11-2016 13:06

Cancerfondens major grants to two StratCan Executive Board members

Cancerfonded awarded five major grants (2MSEK/ year for five years) of which three were awarded to researchers at Karolinska Institutet: we congratulate Jonas Bergh (StratCan Director), Eva Hellström-Lindberg (StratCan Executive Board member) and Pär Nordlund.

Jonas Bergh's research focus is on breast cancer, with the aim to develop tools for prognosis as well as individualized tailor-made treatment.

Eva Hellström-Lindberg's research is on myelodysplastic syndrome withthe aim to treat the disease before it develops into leukimia.

Pär Nordlund leads a pre-clinical research project with new techniques with the aim for development of a new generation of drugs against cancer.

More information available at Cancerfonden's web page (in Swedish)