Published: 15-11-2016 17:06 | Updated: 17-11-2016 10:01

Campus Huddinge renamed to Campus Flemingsberg

Campus Flemingsberg - new collective name

Starting 1December 2016 the name of the KI Huddinge campus will be Campus Flemingsberg.

Behind the name change is the desire to strengthen and simplify the collaboration between universities and colleges on the campus, as well as making it easier for visitors traveling to the campus. Taking into consideration the nearest commuter train station is called Flemingsberg.

“It’s important for many reasons that KI’s two campuses in Solna and Flemingsberg have a distinct profile,” says Matti Sällberg, head of the Department of Laboratory Medicine and member of the naming group.

“Moreover, a common campus name is needed for the different universities and colleges that are now relocating to new premises in Flemingsberg. This new name, Campus Flemingsberg is fitting, bringing all of these institutions under one common umbrella.”

For further information on the new campus name, please visit KI’s internal web.